WilderNosh is a brand that offers high-quality, gourmet backpacking meals for adventurous young adults. Their mission is to inspire and empower people to embrace the joys of camping and backpacking, and connect with each other through shared experiences and good food. The brand’s ad strategy includes a range of mediums such as TV commercials, print campaigns, and guerilla marketing tactics, all aimed at their target demographic. The TV commercial focuses on the shared experience of enjoying a meal with friends, wherever your adventure takes you. The print campaign features catchy copy and retro-inspired visuals to grab the attention of young adults on the go. 

The guerilla campaign, Le Savage, creates a pop-up restaurant experience featuring WilderNosh prepackaged meals. Overall, WilderNosh’s campaigns represent their brand mission and dedication to creating lasting memories through camping, backpacking, and great food.
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