Alberta Women’s Entrepreneurs (aWe) is a non-profit organization promoting women’s success in business. To create a campaign for aWe, I conducted research to understand the non-profit’s needs, which I incorporated into three “call to action” posters.
The first poster, “Canada Gold,” features former Canadian hockey player and Toronto Maple Leafs assistant player development director Hayley Wickenheiser, emphasizing Canadian women’s high standing in the global marketplace. The second poster, “Like Fine Wine,” uses statistics and facts to motivate women in their 55+ age range to pursue entrepreneurship. Finally, “The Best O” takes a risky approach, utilizing pathos to evoke strong emotions and encourage women to start their own businesses. The posters’ bold and moody feminine purple color scheme complements the powerful women featured in each poster, persuading the audience to pursue business with the many supports of Alberta Women Entrepreneurs.
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